[Bitcoin fallen under $12000 USD] One Bitcoin equals $5000 USD Lost !


in 3 days

Rocky  December 22, 2017  Comments Off on [Bitcoin fallen under

$12000 USD] One Bitcoin equals $5000 USD Lost ! in 3 days

On Sunday,  Bitcoin reaches an all-time high of $19.835 USD now it has

fallen more than $5000 USD. These are not clever signs for investors

who are investing into Cryptocurrency.  If you visit any crypto tracker

website like Coingecko or Coinmarketcap you will find that all

cryptocurrency is under the red banner.

Bitcoin Falling from sky

Courtesy : medium.com

Only a few coins like ripple are performing really good at the moment.

Even the likes of Ethereum or Litecoin are falling rapidly but not

compare to Bitcoin.

Is there any relation between Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency?

There is a big relation between Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency. You

can’t buy other Cryptocurrency without using Bitcoin. That is the reason

Bitcoin is also called the mother of other Cryptocurrency.

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 Chart showing bitcoin price since @CBOE and @CMEGroup futures

trading dates were announced (Data via @CoinDesk BPI)


8:04 PM – Dec 22, 2017

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Showing Coindesk fallen to $11,835.65 USD | source: twitter.com

What might be the reason Bitcoin falling so rapidly..?

There are few reasons that are why Bitcoin is falling so rapidly. compare

to other cryptocurrencies.

These might be the reason:-

Bitcoin is not secured how much we thought and people are doing

money laundry. Recently one of the companies in United States did

money laundry.

There might be reason where Big investors have been withdrawing

money from bitcoin and that is the reason it is falling rapidly.before half

of thrice million dollars bitcoin is been holded by 10,000 people. if

someone becomes naughty then there is a serious worry.

Korean company whose 17% bitcoin was hacked by hackers and this

shows that bitcoin is easy to hack by anyone.

These might the standard reason and other one is bitcoin cash and

coinbase issues which are damaging bitcoin.

Do you think Bitcoin is over here…?

According to the latest news and Experts are saying there were some

loopholes which will be going to cover in the upcoming update of

bitcoin. The name of the update is Bitcoin Lightening. It is going to be

released soon. So, Don’t need get panic for the moment.

Small Update:

Bitcoin Fallen to under $12000 USD. That is worse news for Bitcoin

investors and Lovers.


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