Top 5 routers from Amazon


Surf the net, get news updates, play an online game or stream a movie

and hang with old and new friends on social media!

With any of these reliable Wi-Fi routers, a stable internet connection

with a light speed is guaranteed.

By Samantha Djan

We sometimes find ourselves the middle of a video conference, catching

up with friends on social media, playing an online game, streaming a

movie over the internet or even in the middle of a bank transaction and

the internet cut us out abruptly. Quite upsetting right?

It gets so frustrating when you are trying to send a time bound file or

document over to your boss or colleague and your connection keeps

dropping as the file loads. Everyone has surely experienced such a


With the internet taking over as a major component needed to work

effectively in the office or to catch some entertainment in your home

you will need a fast and strong stable internet connection.

With the increasing number of smartphones, smart TV’s and gadgets in

our lives daily, investing in a good a wireless internet provider or router

is necessary.

Choosing a router can be very confusing sometimes as a bunch of them

with very deep technical description pop once you decide to search

online for one.

When purchasing a router do not get confused by the technical specs if

you are not used to them, what you have to consider most your

purpose for the purchase. Are going to be using your Wi-Fi for just

browsing, gaming or movie streaming?

Note that gaming and movie streaming require a much faster internet

connection than regular browsing; hence a stronger router will be


You will also have to take the size of your home into consideration. For a

large home you will need a powerful router compared to that which will

be needed in a small home.

You will have to check your budget as well, as you do not need to break

your account to get an effective router.

This selection has been simplified and carefully made to suit your

preference, budget and internet consumption demands.

Whether, you are fond of watching movies, playing games online or

finishing office tasks back at home, there’s something in there for you.

NETGEAR Orbi | Amazon

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with Tri-band


To obtain a powerful or effective router to deliver strong Wi-Fi signal for

large houses can be quite difficult, we mostly end up throwing away

monies. Absolutely distressing but do not give up yet!

This is where NETGEAR Orbi comes to your rescue. The NETGEAR Orbi

whole home mesh Wi-Fi system effortlessly executes the task of filling

the whole home with a strong and stable internet connection.

Although, this router is expensive coming at a price of $292 for a set of

2 on Amazon, it is definitely worth the price.

It is ideal for big homes, largely populated or houses with high internet

usage. It has a range of about 5,000-square-foot so you won’t have any

connection problems even with multi-story homes.

As a mesh networking device, it comes as a two pack device; a router to

be plugged into an internet modem and its component satellite to be

setup in a separate place not close to the modem to further boost the

signal to be accessible by others in different parts of the home.

Even though Orbi isn’t the first router to use mesh networking, they kick

things up a notch with their tri-band system which not only boosts the

signal but it also optimizes it depending on your internet service


Installation is very simple and fast so you can be assured a reliable

internet connection in a few minutes after your device arrives.

It’s compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa so you can easily control your

home network with voice commands and also set parental controls.

Here’s what a user had to say about this router on Amazon:

The Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi system has been outstanding. Xfinity X1

Gateway could not handle my needs as I over loaded it with devices. The

Orbi can not only can handle my massive traffic (20 devices on-line), but

I am far exceeding my 150 Mbps. Now if Xfinity would allow me to use

my router for their wireless boxes I would be extatic. – A. Pantelideson

ASUS RT-ACRH13 | Amazon

ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300 Wi-Fi 4-port Gigabit Router

with USB 3.0


If you live in a small home or an apartment, this ASUS router will be just

perfect for you. People often make the mistake of spending more than

necessary on routers that exceed their internet needs.

This device comes with four external 5dBi antennas and that means you

won’t have any trouble with coverage anywhere in your apartment.

Additionally, you can use almost all your devices whether it’s your

laptop, tablet or smartphone simultaneously with the ASUS RT-ACRH13.

It’s very easy to set up and can run up to combined speeds of

1267Mbps without any issues. This means Netflix and Call of Duty online

gameplay simultaneously without any buffering.

Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing and can easily blend it into your overall

home décor.

Also, from a price point, this ASUS router won’t break your bank as it

costs less than $100.

Finally, you can monitor and manage your network all from your

smartphone with the ASUS Router App which comes in both iOS and

Android versions.

Still not convinced? Maybe the 15,000+ positive reviews on Amazon

will. Here’s what one customer has to say about the device.

“Router was plug and play. Installation was very easy and firmware

update was very quick. Getting 210+ download speed on spectrum

100mb/s service. Very happy.” – Rodgersmith

Google Wi-Fi system | Amazon

Google Wi-Fi System (single Wi-Fi point)

With a single Wi-Fi covering 1500 sq. ft. and a set of three covering up

to 4,500 sq. ft, the Google Wi-Fi system has been made to suit any size

of home, be it small, medium or large.

It is one of the most affordable and easy setup mesh network Wi-Fi

systems. It is well known for its super-fast speed and strong coverage.

Coming at $114 per pack, a big house or large household will require

just three packs to get the internet covering every inch of the home. The

good thing is that there is a very huge discount for purchasing the pack

of three. It costs $279 on Amazon.

For a small or not so large house however, just a pack has to be

purchased for a strong internet connection throughout the home.

The setup allows you to monitor data usage and control internet access

on particular devices with your Android or iOS device.

The only downside of this router is it does not have more features, not

even a USB port and it has to be connected to an Android 4.0+ or iOS 8+

to setup.

Here’s what a customer wrote about this router on Amazon:

This is an amazing product. After testing several wifi extenders and

having some problems, I decided to invest a little more and buy the

google wifi system; it was one of my best decisions. Since I received the

package, the experience started with the right foot; just plugged the to

the electrical current, one to the wired internet of my home router,

downloaded the app and in no time everything was working. – Jose Lara

NETGEAR Router | Amazon

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S is a top pick for the gamers because it’s

made mainly for gaming. It is known to be a super-fast and reliable


The four-stream (4×4) Wi-Fi design enhances buffering free 4K video

streaming, consistent gaming and 160MHz radio for double the

bandwidth for mobile gadgets.

Purchasing a router customized for gaming is necessary for gamers as

loosing connection in the middle of gaming can be very upsetting.

Gaming routers such as the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S coming with

AC2600 Wi-Fi—800+1733 Mbps speeds have been programmed to give

fast and consistent internet connection needed for gaming purposes.

Though a little expensive selling at $199.99 on amazon, this router can

accommodate multiple users simultaneously. The powerful 1.7GHz dual

core processor and dynamic QoS are to eliminate breakages while


It also features four high-gain external antennas and beamforming for

maximum range and Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast wired performance.

Access to internet in the home can be secured or managed with iOS and

Android app support.

The router’s compatibility with amazon echo makes controlling your

internet connection simple as it can be done with just voice commands.

All photos from attached storage, public cloud and social feeds can be

accessed in one place on an app called Kwilt on iOS.

Here’s what a customer wrote on Amazon after installing this device in

her home:

Since I’ve installed the new router my WiFi has operated seamlessly; no

more dropped signals. It works perfectly in my 4000 square foot house.

All of our multiple gadgets connect with ease. Buy this router, you won’t

regret it! – Tima

Norton router | Amazon

Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router

Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router

The artistically designed high performance multipurpose Wi-Fi router

streams movies and videos seamlessly in 4K, plays online games without

breakages and handles downloads effectively using Core’s powerful

dual-core processor.

Norton Core secure Wi-Fi Router is well recognized for security. It has a

multilayer-protection comprehensive network security which protects

connected homes from viruses, botnets, malware and phishing tactics.

Purchasing this router on Amazon at a price of $249.99 automatically

offers you a year’s subscription to Norton security to protect your

tablets, PCs, smart phones, MacBook and other smart gadgets.

Even though, the device still functions as a regular router after the one

year free Norton security subscription, to access its special features like

parental control, network and device security, subscription renewal is


The router also features smart parental controls which allow parents to

manage screen time by setting content filters, setting data usage limits,

restricting data use when desired.

Management of the network in your home can all be done via an app

on your smartphone.

All connected gadgets, strength of the internet signals are indicated on

the app. Suspected threats like viruses are also blocked. The Wi-Fi and

parental control settings can be altered anywhere

It can be set up easily using a modem and a Bluetooth enabled Android

or iOS device with a mobile data plan. Norton Core app is simply

downloaded to complete set up.

Here’s a review a user left on this router on Amazon:

The mobile app makes setting up the router very easy. Love the router

design and interface. Free antivirus subscription included which

provides highly secured network. – Andy


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